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Erotic Revenue is a 50/50 Revshare CCBill Affiliate Program. We currently do not offer PPS (Pay-Per-Signup) options but will soon. Merge your Erotic Revenue sales with your existing CCBill account and get a single paycheck! Our exclusive high-converting HD websites have some of the strongest retention ratios in the adult business. Over time, your CCBill checks grow as happy members rebill (and you get 50% of the rebills for life). With our industry-leading HD promo tools and full-length mp4 videos, Erotic Revenue offers affiliates the best graphics and marketing materials available for promotion. Get started making money with Erotic Revenue. Signup

We are the affiliate program that respects loyalty. If you bring a webmaster to Erotic Revenue you deserve to get paid for it. Earn 10% off any webmaster you refer - for life. Sometimes the best way to grow a business is through networking, and our Webmaster Referral Program allows you to take advantage of your Industry connections. Just tell your webmaster friends: "Signup under me and I get a bump"! Combine your 10% webmaster referrals with your other CCBill sales for quicker payouts and one easy check. Making money is simple with our Webmaster Referral Program. Get started and refer a Webmaster to Erotic Revenue. Signup  

Is 50/50 Revshare for life not enough money for you? Erotic Revenue now offers higher Revshare options for select affiliates. Quite simply, the more traffic and joins you can send to any of our high-converting HD websites the more money you will earn! Up to 80% Revshare possible (contact us for details). Proven affiliates are also eligible for special seasonal and holiday promotions that can dramatically increase payouts. Do you have a large mailing list to work? Email marketing strategies and partnerships are also available. Got a lot of traffic and can send a lot of Joins? Contact us today for a personalized Revshare arrangement! Signup 

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